History and Philosophy

NPP Qualitet is the only Russian manufacturer that produces a full range of additive components and packages used for the production of engine, hydraulic and transmission oils and other lubricants.

NPP QUALITET was founded more than 29 years ago. We have produced over 300 thousand tons of components and packages. Our customers are the biggest Russian companies such as Lukoil, Gazprom, Rosneft and others that produced over 2,8 bln liters of different lubricants based on our additives.

NPP Qualitet is constantly developing existing production units and adding new facilities:

In 1991 we launched the packages blending facility of imported components.
In 1997 we put into operation the production plant for dithiophosphates and antiwear additives.
In 1998 we launched detergent and neutralizing additives production.
In 2002 we delivered the project on building the thickening additives production.
In 2006 we started the production of dispersants and phenolic antioxidants.
In 2012 we launched the production of depressants additives with thickening property. That was the moment when we completed the transition from importing components to using only locally produced components and packages.
In 2017 we undertook the modernization production program. The production of dispersants and phenolic antioxidants was stopped, which was rendered obsolete.
As a result in mid 2018 we created a modern production unit for dispersants and phenolic antioxidants of a new generation. It allowed us to produce additive packages for light engine oils in order to comply with the latest Low SAPS needs.
At the end of 2020 we plan to launch the production of updated dithiophosphates and anti-wear additives that will meet the latest requirements of API and ACEA, and the high standards of OEMs).

We have achieved great results and we are very ambitious about future projects.


Qualitet oils have always been limited by the production of unique low-tonnage aviation oils, specialty oils for Arctic (with pour point -60C) or custom-made oils for large enterprises (for example for diesel locomotives and off-highway trucks we developed fuel economy engine oil M-6z/14D2 that allows to increase oil drain interval up to 100 thousand km and provides fuel saving up to 3-9% according to running conditions. Such oils are delivered by rail tank cars).

Our technical specialists have developed over 500 oil formulations based on our own additives for local and foreing production companies.

Our partners and customers have always been wondering why we don’t produce engine oils. Now the time has come!

At the beginning of 2020 we faced high demand for engine oils of QUALITET brand. That’s why we decided to launch a production of a wide range of engine oils under brand-name QUALITET. We have become a fully integrated producer - we manufacture additive components, additive packages and now we offer engine oils and other lubricants as well.

We have everything it takes to offer you high performance lubricants - we do not save on additives as we produce them.

Most of our additive packages have passed bench and field tests within KAMAZ, AVTOVAZ and YARDISEL and we have approvals of car manufacturers for motor oils.

Our blending plant includes: manufacturing facilities, blending tanks, warehouses, offices, a quality control lab and a technical R&D department.

Russian Railways diesel locomotives annually

Every year more than 10 000 Russian Railways locomotives are running on diesel engine oil based on QUALITET additive package K-472A.

Annually QUALITET delivers more than 1000 tons of additive package to the major diesel engine oil manufacturers for Russian Railways locomotives.This additive package has passed full range of field tests within Russian Railways (RZD) as well as bench tests on Kolomensky Zavod. Around 13 mln liters of D2 oil group is manufactured using this additive package.

6000+ aircrafts

2500+ helicopters

More than 6000 airplanes and 2500 helicopters are running on hydraulic and gear oils, oils for gas-turbine and piston engines manufactured by QUALITET.

Up to 9%
of fuel economy

Oil M-6z/14D2 based on QUALITET additive package K-472B has passed motor tests on 12 cylinders diesel ChN26/26 in PJSC Kolomensky Zavod. The results showed fuel economy by an average 1,7-9% depending on the running conditions. Moderate operating conditions can reduce fuel consumption by 5%.

Energy-saving properties of M-6z/14D2 are proved by comparative load tests of diesel locomotive unit 2TE116U with diesel-generator 18-9DG (16 cylinders diesel ChN26/26 with 3600cc) run in AO VNIKTI in 2017 and proved fuel-efficiency 2,9%.

AO VNIKTI has also carried out the comparative tests of Oil M-6z/14D2 on similar diesel locomotive engines. Average fuel saving showed 2,9%.

In 2011-2014 Locomotive depot in Ulan-Ude East Siberian department carried out a number of haulage system tests on locomotive 2TE10MK with D49 diesel. The method was developed by OJSC VNIIZHT and coordinated with the correspondent RZD department. It showed an average fuel-saving of 2,62% and increase in oil drain interval by 1,4% compared to regular oil.

The following benefits were noted:

1. Increase of drain-oil period from 50-60th km up to 100 th km. Provided that service life of the mainline locomotive may be up to 190th km depending on the running conditions.

2. Fuel economy resulted in 2,9% compared with regular oil M-14G2TSS.

400 000 000+

More than 300 thousand tons of additives have been produced by QUALITET for 29 years of work. More than 2,8 bln liters of engine oil based on QUALITET additives were manufactured in 36 different countries. Over 400 million cars, locomotives, vessels, mining and agricultural trucks and equipment use these lubricants to fill in engines, gear boxes, hydraulic oil systems.

candidates of sciences

The great team of 18 Candidates of Science are led by the Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Corresponding Member of Russian and International Engineering Academies.


QUALITET products are delivered to 36 countries. Engine oil based on high-quality additives can be found in shops in more than 120 countries, among them are USA, Germany, Italy, France, Serbia, Poland, the Baltic countries, South Africa, UAE and many others.